State of Illinois Licensed Plumber

STATE OF IL PLUMBERState of Illinois Licensed Plumber

To protect public health, the State of Illinois regulates plumbing and the plumbing trade. Improper plumbing can result in the introduction of pathogenic organisms into drinking water and the escape of toxic gases into the environment. These outcomes have the potential of leading to disease and adverse health effects. It is also important to regulate the number of plumbing facilities and fixtures adequate for the comfort and convenience of workers and persons in public places. Therefore, individuals who plan, inspect, install, alter, extend, repair and maintain plumbing systems must be licensed in the state of Illinois.

All of our plumbers are licensed from the Illinois Department of Public Health. They go through continued education classes annually from the state. Our staff possesses years of plumbing experience ranging from emergency repairs to new construction and remodeling projects.

Do not let an unlicensed plumber or "handyman" jeopardize your home or the health of your family. Make sure they are licensed. CrossTown Plumbing Inc. is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

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