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Cross Town Plumbing Inc provides residential plumbing services for local residents. Our residential client base includes familys as well as general contractors, custom home builders, etc..! 

Our clients have come to enjoy our fast and reliable service. We often remedy problems such as broken, clogged or blocked pipes, sinks, toilets and more! We also fix running toilets, broken flush levers and if required, we can can provide services to completely remove and replace any type of plumbing fixture such as toilets,  sinks, garbage disposals, sump pumps and hot water heaters.

Our reputation of providing high quality and trouble free plumbing services results in repeat business to many of our residential customers. As we often assist them beyond, or shall I say "previous" to construction. Where as, we often assist in acheiving permits and developing plans that meet Illinois Plumbing Code.

Some projects are small and do not require a permit. However, on large projects, or projects which propose the installation of new plumbing fixtures (where plumbing fixtures did not previously exist) will require a permit. Our customers find that having a permit submitted by a professionally licensed Plumber such as Cross Town Plumbing, Inc. typically results in achieiving permit approval by city or village officials on the first submission! Having been involved in many small and large; residential and commercial projects; our staff of professioanlly licensed plumbers provide much knowledge and experience.

If you are seeking a local plumber to assist you with your next residential plumbing repair or new installation then you can trust the safety of your family and home with Cross Town Plumbing Inc. Our fully experienced and licensed plumbers are ready to serve you!

Cross Town Plumbing provides FREE Estimates to repair toilets and/or replace your toilet. Contact us today to schedule your free plumbing estimate for quality plumbing services provided by Cross Town Plumbing Inc.

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