Cross Town Plumbing provides full service plumbing services for leaky pipes, faucets and fixtures. Sometimes the source of a leak is very obvious. Other times they are not. Often clients call us because they are experiencing high water bills. Our fully experienced and licensed plumbers are ready to resolve your issue. Regardless if you are calling with a spraying broken pipe, a slow leaky pipe or faucet or a running toilet, we are poised to provide top notch plumbing services at any time of the day or night. As we offer emergency plumbing services 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week.

We realize that a leaking pipe or hidden leak can add up! Despite the high water bills, severe damage may be incurred if a leaky pipe is not remedied. Think of Cross Town Plumbing as your "911 Local Plumber". As our phones are always answered by a licensed Plumber and not a phone answering service!

The first thing our staff will do is walk you through simple steps that may assist you in stopping any slow leaks or running toilets that may continue to result in high water bills or costly damage resulting from water damage. Our staff will begin by explaining the various ways to disable the water service that is feeding the faulty fixture. Once this is achieved, we will schedule an expedited service call so that we may assess and diagnose the issue.

In the midst of your plumbing needs, it is wise to depend upon a professionally licensed local plumber such as Cross Town Plumbing, because we get it fixed correctly the first time. A handyman or “do-it-yourselfer” often results in an in adequate repair. This is dangerous because inadequate repairs often end up costing consumers more money in the long-run, as a “band-aid repair” and/or “out of sight slow leak” could result in further property damage.

Cross Town Plumbing provides FREE Estimates. Contact us today to schedule your emergency plumbing repair.

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