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Crosstown Plumbing Inc, can assist you in keeping your basement dry! As a local plumbing contractor we have assisted many of your neighbors in ensuring that their basements stay dry during large rain events.

A sump pump is a mechanical pump used to remove water that has accumulated in a water collecting sump basin, commonly found in the basement or crawl spaces of residential homes. The water may enters by way of your foundations drain tile or perimeter drains of a basement waterproofing system, funnelling into the basin or because of rain or natural ground water, if the basement is below the water table level.
Sump pumps are used where basement flooding happens regularly and to remedy dampness where the water table is above the foundation of a home. Sump pumps send water away from a house to any place where it is no longer problematic, such as into your backyard or into a municipal storm drain or a dry well.

Crosstown Plumbing can also assist you in installing a back-up system to your sump pump. A secondary, typically battery-powered sump pump can operate if the first pump fails. Cross Town PlumbingInc can assist you in selecting and installing the correct back-up system for your sump pump. We are also their to stand behind our installation, as we currently assist many clients that already have a back-up system in place by performing annual maintenance checks. This is recommended because most back-up sump system are rarely used, therefore a component failure may not be noticed, and the system may fail when needed.

There are many considerations and items to look for when a sump pump has failled. Our experienced plumbers will inspect the sump pump and discharge points to ensure that the discharge is not discharging in a manner that is recycling into the system. By recycling I mean, is it just running water through a loop. If it is, then simply relocating a discharge point could minimize the amount of work your sump pump is putting in. There are various mechanisms in a residential sump pump that maybe the root of your problem. Our fully experienced and licensed plumbers can quickly diagnos your situation and provide an estimate for repair. A broken or in-operable sump pump may result in costly water damage to your basement and home! If left in disrepair a wet or moist basement will become a breeding ground for mold and mildew! Don't delay, call Cross Town Plumbing Inc. today!

Crosstown Plumbing provides complete sump pump maintenance, repair and sump pump replacement services. As a local plumbing contractor we offer plumbing services that remedy problems like dead or broken sump pumps, and if required, the complete removal and replacement of your sump pump.

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